It's time to tell your story; reveal who your family is at this exact moment in time...

Day in the Life sessions are exactly what they sound like: a photographic documentary of one day in your life.  Photojournalists in nature - there's no posing, there's no specifically-chosen green space as the set - these sessions are meant you be real and will be a true representation of your family.  It's a chance to create something more significant that a family portrait; it's a chance to document all of the goings-on in your house on a regular day and to show your family really truly as a family.

Your Day in the Life can be done anywhere and I'll follow you where ever you go that day.  If you're going to the park, I'll meet you there and explore with you; if you've got lacrosse, then gymnastics, then ballet, I'm in for that too.  Or, if your day involves watching cartoons, doing laundry and taking care of your little ones at home, then those are priceless days to document, as well.  This type of session is great for families with more than one child and for parents who are wanting images that show their relationship with their children.

Everday things that happen in life the makes the Day in the Life Session special 

  • the chaos of getting your kids out of the door to school

  • setting the table and making family dinner

  • 'teachable moments' when your kids push boundaries or learn something new

  • sleepy morning faces, grumpy afternoon faces and all of the faces in-between

  • bedtime routines (bath time, brushing teeth, story time, tucking in)

Full Day Session

For those who want the roll out of bed moments.  This is an 6 hour photography session where I tag along with your family for the day.  The full day session allows me to embed with you guys and get super comfortable with the kids.  Take me along to pick up your little ones from school, have me there while you guys do dinner.  This package leaves open a lot of options.  


  • The full day of session with me (6 hours)

  • Heirloom Flash Drive of all your fully edited images

  • An 10x10 20 page session album

  • 10 matted prints

  • 20x24 canvas wrap


Love the idea but don't want a full day?

Half Day Session

This 4 hour photography session is just a scaled down version of the Full Day Session.  This package is a good fit for those who are curious about this style of photography and are looking to try something new.   


  • The 4 hour session with me

  • 30 fully edited images chosen by you(availabe for download via online gallery)

  • An 8x8 20 page session album

  • 5 matted prints

  • 16x24 canvas wrap


*Session fee covers my shooting time, editing and preservation.  Print products and digitals sold separates.  Visit the INVESTMENT tab for more information.

*Session include an album because there's a beautiful story to be told that deserves sharing in sequence and in context.

Aislinn Rain is a highly regarded Atlanta-based photographer who documents people honestly and naturally.  Aislinn is driven by the natural beauty of human experience and strives to convey this sentiment in all of the work that she produces.

Aislinn provides her photography services to clients all over the county, but resides in Carrolltion, Ga, just outside of Atlanta.  Her signature style is emotional, natural story-telling with a focus on authenticity and intimacy.


Tele: (678) 977-5392

Address: 106 Adamson Square, Suite 1, Carrollton GA 30117