Congratulations on your upcoming arrival!  As a mother, I can appreciate the desire and the need to stay close to home in those first few weeks of life.  Because of that, I offer in-home newborn sessions.  I love capturing a little one in their new home on Mom & Dad's bed, a sibling's chair, or right in his/her own crib.  These early days go by so quickly and you'll look back and it'll all be a blur.  It's so very important to capture this time so you can always remember just how special it was (and how TINY your sweet baby was!).  I suggest that these sessions be booked immediately upon baby's arrival.  I prefer to photograph newborns within the first week of life.  This allows us to position and pose babies in ways that are not always conducive to alert & awake babies!  Because these types of sessions require LOTS of patience, I allot for 2 hours of time.  This allows us to stop and take breaks when needed for diaper changes, feedings, and comforting.